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Chlorine Dioxide Powder

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Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant or ozone disinfectant: suitable for medical and health, finance, tourism, government agencies, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens, hotels, supermarkets, nail shops, beauty shops, massage shops, bathing centers, universities Used by campus and Internet cafes, food, drug and medical supplies manufacturers, families and office personnel.
Preparation Method
In the anti-flood and disease-prevention disinfection, sodium hypochlorite solution is often used for disinfection, and its bactericidal effect is basically the same as that of bleaching powder. Since sodium hypochlorite also produces hypochlorous acid in water, it is easy to produce oxygen atoms and chlorine atoms in water, and pathogen proteins are oxidized and partially chlorinated and die. The disinfection and sterilization effect is determined by the available chlorine content in the solution. Due to the different processes and methods for producing sodium hypochlorite solution, the content of available chlorine in the stock solution of sodium hypochlorite is often different. If the preparation is improper (because the content is too high or too low), the liquid medicine may be wasted or the disinfection effect may be affected. The correct preparation method is as follows
(1) Preparation steps and methods: The first step is to grasp the available chlorine content in the stock solution of sodium hypochlorite. The general content is between 10-20% (equivalent to 100,000 to 200,000 ppm). The second step is to determine the effective chlorine content in the disinfectant to be prepared according to different disinfection objects and objects. For example, a solution with an effective chlorine content of 0.05% (equivalent to 500 ppm) is commonly used for environmental disinfection, and a solution of 0.025% (equivalent to 250 ppm) is commonly used for tableware disinfection. The third step is to calculate the amount of stock solution that needs to be prepared and disinfected by the following formula.
The amount of the original solution to be prepared = the amount of chlorine in the prepared disinfectant × the amount of the prepared disinfectant (ml) The preparation example of the chlorine content in the original solution: To prepare 1000 ml of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant with an effective chlorine content of 0.05% (equivalent to 500ppm) , How many milliliters of stock solution with 10% chlorine content is needed?  Calculation: ①It is known that the chlorine content of sodium hypochlorite stock solution is 10% (it should be written as 0.1 when calculating), ②substitute into the formula:
Original Chlorine Dosage=0.0005×1000=0.5(ml)  0.1 When preparing, take 1000ml of clean water, add 5ml of sodium hypochlorite stock solution (10% chlorine content), mix well and serve.
(2) Attention should be paid when using: ①Sodium hypochlorite solution is very unstable. It should be stored in a sealed glass jar and placed in a dark and cool place. It should be used immediately before use. ②Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant can corrode metal and fiber fabrics, and has a bleaching effect. ③The stock solution of sodium hypochlorite used for tableware disinfection must not contain other impurities.
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