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Potassium Monopersulfate Compound Salt

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The compound salt of potassium monopersulfate has the molecular formula 2KHSO5.KHSO4.K2SO4, and foreign trade names: Oxone(TM), Degussa.
Physical Properties:
Potassium monopersulfate composite powder is a white powdery substance at room temperature, which is easy to store and transport, has the advantages of high stability, high water solubility and relatively low price; it is non-flammable and non-explosive, and it is used in multiple links such as production, transportation and storage. It overcomes safety hazards such as leakage, overturning, explosion and corrosion of other disinfectants; it can be stored for two years at room temperature.
Chemical Properties:
1. Reduce the microbiological safety risk of drinking water: The potassium monopersulfate composite powder dissolves in water and releases active oxygen [O], and generates sulfuric acid free radicals, oxygen free radicals, and then hydroxyl free radicals ( ·OH) and other ingredients, have a wide range of killing microorganisms, including bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, etc.
2. Decompose organic pollutants: The potassium monopersulfate composite powder will release sulfuric acid free radicals after being dissolved in water. The standard oxidation potential of sulfate radicals E0=2.5~3.1 can oxidize some organic pollution that cannot be oxidized by hydroxyl radicals E0=2.80 Decompose it into water, carbon dioxide and simple inorganic substances, degrade residual pesticides and heavy metals, and solve the problem of acute and chronic poisoning caused by chemical pollution.
3. Algae removal and phycotoxin decomposition: The natural degradation process of algae toxins in water is very slow. When the content of water is 0.005mg/L, only 10% will be absorbed by the particles in the water after three days, and 7% will be deposited with the sediment. Algae toxins have high heat resistance. Heating and boiling can neither destroy the toxins nor remove them. Conventional tap water treatment processes (coagulation precipitation, filtration, disinfection) cannot effectively remove algal toxins in the water. A large number of documents and field experiments have shown that potassium monopersulfate compound salt can effectively remove algae and decompose algal toxins.
The Main Purpose:
-Drinking water disinfection
-Swimming pool water disinfection
-Domestic sewage disinfection
-Hospital sewage disinfection
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