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It is refined by a special process and compounded with a variety of effective ingredients. Through a comprehensive action, it uniformly releases dissolved oxygen and rapidly degrades water toxins. It has strong stability, quick-acting and long-acting. It can be used safely during any period of aquaculture, which is fundamentally solved Deteriorating water quality issues and improve the breeding environment.
Change the bottom to adjust the water, bottom up, refresh the bottom, increase dissolved oxygen, degrade toxins, granular oxygen is a new type of high-efficiency aerator, flat cylindrical particles refined by a special process, easy to directly throw; storage and use more Convenient; make the aerator quickly sink to the bottom of the pond, generate a lot of oxygen after reacting with the water, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body, and maintain high dissolved oxygen in the water for a long time, specially add a slow-release cosolvent, and continue to release oxygen for more than 2 hours , To ensure full and effective oxygenation efficiency. At the same time, a large number of tiny oxygen bubbles produced in the pool water can be very effectively dissolved into the water body during the ascent process, and oxygenate the bottom and middle and lower water bodies of the pond, which truly achieves the special effect of "three-dimensional aeration", which not only effectively solves the shortage of the bottom layer. The problem of oxygen, and inhibits the growth of bottom anaerobic bacteria, reduces the production of harmful substances (NH3-N, H2S), and fundamentally solves the problem of water quality deterioration. Create a good bottom environment.
Scope of application: aquaculture water bodies such as seawater, freshwater fish, shrimps and crabs.
Composition of raw materials: BYM enzyme bacteria fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, DFM additives, various trace elements.
Ingredients: coated sodium percarbonate, slow-release cosolvent, stabilizer, synergist.
Usage and dosage:
1. Before a thunderstorm, when the weather is sweltering and hot: use 200 grams of this product per acre with a water depth of one meter and throw it in the whole pond.
2. When the density of aquatic organisms in the middle of aquaculture increases: about twice a week, one hour before feeding, use an amount of 200 grams per acre of one meter deep, and concentrate it on the area around the food table and densely living organisms, which can increase significantly The digestion and absorption capacity of organisms promotes growth.
3. When the density of aquatic organisms in the late stage of aquaculture further increases: every other day, one hour before feeding, use the amount of 200 grams per acre with a water depth of one meter, and concentrate it on the area around the food table and densely living areas to effectively promote aquatic organisms. Individual growth.
4. Before the use of biological improvement products: use 100 grams of this product per acre at a water depth of one meter, and throw it in the whole pond, which will help the water improvement effect.
5. If you use drugs to treat diseases at the same time: use 200 grams of this product per acre of water depth of one meter, and throw it in the whole pond to create a good healing environment.
Functional Purpose
1. Improve the bottom and adjust the water: quickly absorb and decompose organic sewage such as bottom mud, bait in the water, feces, animal and plant residues, and create a suitable water environment for breeding.
2. Increase dissolved oxygen: increase the dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the pond to prevent floating heads and flooding of aquatic animals due to hypoxia.
3. Degrade toxins:
Complexing, eliminating industrial sewage, aging ponds, and excessive heavy metals caused by groundwater.
Complex degradable disinfectant, antibiotic residue.
Inhibit spoilage bacteria, effectively reduce the concentration of toxic substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, etc. in the water.
Regulate the white turbid water, black smelly water, and old green water that appear in the breeding process.
4. Promoting growth: By improving water quality, increasing the food intake of aquatic animals and promoting their growth.
Adapt to is suitable for all seawater and freshwater aquatic animal breeding ponds, especially suitable for aging ponds with a lot of silt and ponds with serious pollution of aquaculture water.
Is mainly used for first aid when fish and shrimp anoxic floating heads, oxygenation in high-density aquaculture, fish fry and other live transportation, and it can also treat red tide organisms. At the same time, the calcium hydroxide produced by the decomposition of calcium peroxide can react with free carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate precipitation, and the generated active oxygen and calcium hydroxide have sterilization or antibacterial and algae inhibitory effects and can also adjust the pH value of the water environment and reduce the water The concentration of harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, etc., causes the colloid to precipitate and can supplement the calcium requirement of aquatic animals. Usage and dosage: general floating head dosage is 200 g/mu (1 meter deep) pond; serious floating head dosage is 0.3-1Kg/mu pond. The actual dosage is based on the water depth, water quality, and aquaculture density, with the floating head restrained within 10-60 minutes.
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